Amy's Ice Cream

$3 delivery fee
9600 South Interstate 35 Frontage Road Suite 400
  1. Shakes, Smoothies & Drinks

    1. Milkshake

    2. Ice Cream Float

    3. Smoothie

      Made with apple juice and bananas.

    4. Bottled Water

      50% of profits go to support those in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

    5. Soda

  2. Ice Cream: Standard Flavors

    1. Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream

      Mexican vanilla ice cream.

    2. Oreo® Ice Cream

      This ice cream is made from a combination of Mexican vanilla ice cream and plenty of Oreo cookies.

    3. Sweet Cream Ice Cream

      Sweet cream is the base ice cream for every Amy's flavor. It consists of cream, sugar and eggs.

    4. Coffee Ice Cream

      Made with el Marino espresso.

    5. Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

      Dark chocolate ice cream is crafted from fine Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate, high in cocoa yet mild in taste.

    6. Strawberry Ice Cream

      Made from base sweet cream ice cream and blended with fresh roasted strawberries.

    7. Cold-Press Vanilla Ice Cream

      Made with vanilla.

    8. Mystery Pint Ice Cream

      Flavor not currently listed on the menu.

  3. Ice Cream: March Seasonal Flavors

    1. Nutella S'mores Ice Cream

      Dark chocolate ice cream blended with Nutella, mini marshmallows & crushed biscoff cookies.

    2. Zilker Mint Chip Ice Cream

      Sweet cream ice cream is mixed together with creme De menthe, peppermint oil & soft chocolate chips.

  4. Ice Cream Cakes

    1. Chocolate Delight Ice Cream Cake

      Rich Belgian chocolate ice cream layered between moist chocolate cake and decadent hot fudge, topped with a fluffy chocolate frosting, more hot fudge and brownie bit...

    2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cake

      Rich Belgian chocolate ice cream layered between moist chocolate cake, decadent hot fudge and peanut butter, topped with fluffy chocolate frosting and more hot fudge...

    3. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake

      Vanilla cake layered with strawberry ice cream and strawberry sauce, covered in vanilla frosting and decorated with vanilla cake crumbs and a strawberry sauce glaze.

    4. Celebration Ice Cream Cake

      Mexican vanilla ice cream layered between moist chocolate cake and decadent hot fudge, topped with fluffy vanilla frosting, more hot fudge and garnished with festive...

  5. House Specialties

    1. Brownie Sundae

      Load up a Thicc Belgian chocolate brownie by baked by Amy's with choice of ice cream and hot fudge. Some assembly required.

    2. Edible Cookie Dough

      Chocolate chip cookie dough. A full pint edible raw cookie dough. Safe to eat right out of the pint or bake warm cookies.

    3. Banana Split

      Choose an ice cream, toppings and build a dream banana split.

    4. Ice Cream Sandwich

      Two traditional chocolate wafers, made by baked by Amy's, sandwich standard ice cream flavor. Upgrade ICs by rolling it in rainbow or chocolate sprinkles.

    5. Texas Shortbread Cookies

      Giant Texas shaped cookies hand decorated by Baked by Amy's artists.

    6. Waffle Cone

    7. Ice Cream Cake Parfait

      Slices of yummy baked by Amy’s cake roughly layered with frosting, house-made fillings and plenty of ice cream packed into a pint. Available for a limited time.

  6. Specials

    1. Totes of Floats Party

      Choose six sodas and a couple of quarts of ice cream and make super-premium floats.

    2. Sundaes Every Day Combo

      Classic Amy's sundae. This combo comes with choice of ice cream, one jar of hot fudge, 1 jar of pecan praline, nuts and rainbow sprinkles.

    3. Birthday Kit

      2 pints of ice cream and cake from Amy's. Choose a small Amy's ice cream cake, plus pints of ice cream, candles and a fun Amy's shirt.

    4. Shake Your Groove Thang

      Milk and ice cream for four milkshakes. Add-ons available.

  7. Amy's Pantry

    1. Hot Fudge Jar

    2. Pecan Praline Jar

    3. Mexican Vanilla Candle

    4. Birthday Cake Candles

      12 pieces.

    5. Small Amy's Candles

  8. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    1. Classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries

      Half-dozen strawberries enrobed in bold Belgian Callebaut chocolate and embellished with a white chocolate drizzle packaged in a pink gift box.

    2. Double-Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

      Half-dozen strawberries completely covered in bold Belgian Callebaut chocolate and accented with a Belgian dark chocolate drizzle packaged in an teal gift box.

  9. Holiday Gift Collection

    1. Hot Cocoa Tin

      13 oz of cocoa powder, in a reusable tin. Ready to be mixed with hot water.

    2. Collector's Mug "Atx State of Mind" Edition

      Limited edition collections mug. 2021 Collector's mug design by Austin-based artist Nathan Lewis.

    3. Hot Fudge

      Gluten Free. House-made hot fudge topping. Butter, cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate liqueur, whole milk, & heavy cream. Refrigerate within 2 weeks after opening.

    4. Pecan Praline

      Gluten Free. House-made pecan praline. Brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, pecans, ice cream mix, & vanilla. Refrigerate within 2 weeks after opening.

    5. Hot Topping Duo Combo

      Gluten Free. Hot fudge ingredients: brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, pecans, ice cream mix, vanilla. Pecan praline ingredients: brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, peca...

    6. Ice Cream at Home Gift Set

      Homemade hot fudge topping and a certificate for a free pint of Amy's come nestled in keepsake mug, packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.

    7. Big Kid S'mores Kit

      A box of sweet treats. Belgian dark chocolate, Mexican vanilla marshmallows and biscoff cookies.

    8. Big Kid S'mores Kit Gift Set

      Big kid s'mores gift set includes: Belgian hot cocoa mix, Mexican vanilla marshmallows (12 marshmallows), big kid s'mores kit.

    9. Fireside Friends Gift Set

      Fireside friends gift set includes:1 Belgian hot cocoa mix, 1 Mexican Mexican vanilla marshmallows (12 mallows), 2 Amy's collector's mug (artwork by Nathan Lewis), 1...

    10. Ultimate Sweet Tooth Gift Set

      Contents: Mexican vanilla marshmallows - 12 ct, Belgian hot cocoa mix - 13 oz, Amy's famous hot fudge - 8 oz, pecan praline topping - 8 oz, peppermint bark - 1 lb, b...

    11. Ice Cream Crush'n Kit

      Included in Amy's crush'n toolkit: 1 Amy's crush'n board, 1 Amy's ice cream scoop, 2 ice cream spades, 2 free pint coupons, 1 instructional paper, crush'n instructio...