Chop House Burger

$6 Delivery
1501 Main Street 101
  1. Salad

    1. CHB Cobb

      Romaine lettuce, hard boiled egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red radish, cucumber, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, bacon, balsamic vinaigrette.

  2. Burgers

    1. Chop House Burger

      White truffle sauce, red onion, tomato, lettuce.

    2. El Luchador Burger

      Grilled jalapeno, pepper jack, guacamole, chipotle mayo, tostada, pickled red onion.

    3. Wine Country Burger

      Goat cheese, honey mustard, red onion, tomato, lettuce.

    4. Bacon Cheeseburger

      Angus beef, bacon, cheddar, onion, jalapeño, steak sauce, chipotle mayo.

    5. Hot Chick Burger

      Buttermilk fried chicken, buffalo sauce, blue cheese sauce, lettuce, onion, tomato.

    6. The "Green" New Deal Burger

      Falafel patty, garlic confit aioli, lettuce, red onion, tomato, cucumber.

    7. Ricky Bobby "Melt" Burger

      Angus beef, Texas toast, American cheese, onion, jalapeño.

    8. Bob Marley Burger

      Jerk chicken, lettuce, onion, mango salsa, honey lime aioli, pepper jack cheese.

    9. Billie Jean "Melt" Burger

      Grilled chicken, Texas toast, American cheese, onion, jalapeno.

    10. The Samurai Burger

      Sushi grade tuna, sriracha mayo, lettuce, pickled red onion, cucumber.

  3. Wings

    1. Buffalo Hot Wings

      Buffalo sauce, celery curls, fresh parsley.

    2. Sesame Soy Wings

      Honey-chili sauce, sesame, green onion, serrano.

  4. Sides

    1. Side of Truffle Fries

      White truffle oil, parmesan, fresh parsley.

    2. Side of Fried Pickles

      Hand battered, Cajun buttermilk ranch.

    3. Side of Sweet Potato Fries

      Simply salted.

    4. Side of French Fries

      Shoestring potatoes, simply salted.

  5. Kids

    1. Kid's Grilled Cheese

      American cheese, Texas toast.

    2. Kid's Chb Junior

      American cheese, toasted brioche bun.

  6. Shakes

    1. Italian Nut Job Shake

      Vanilla ice cream, Nutella, hazelnut.

    2. Cereal Killer Shake

      Vanilla ice cream, cereal milk, fruity cereal.

    3. Cookies & Cream Shake

      Vanilla ice cream, Oreo, whipped cream.

    4. Amarena Cherry Shake

      Vanilla ice cream, chocolate shards, shortbread.

    5. Chocolate Shake

    6. Strawberry Shake

    7. Vanilla Shake

  7. Beverages

    1. Iced Tea

    2. Coke

      Small bottle.

    3. Fiji Water

    4. Topo Chico