Green Beane

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1674 Knobhill Drive
  1. Green Beane Menu

    1. Grapefruit Peelz

      Grapefruit peel cooked in distilled water with raw cane sugar. Local fruit.

    2. Custom Potpourri

      4 oz. Dehydrated citrus peel and roses combined to create a beautiful arrangement. Perfect gift for anyone. Comes with glass vessel for display.

    3. Orange Peelz

      Orange peel cooked in distilled water with raw can sugar. Local fruit.

    4. Chocolate Citrus Peelz

      Combination of citrus peelz hand dipped dark chocolate. Dairy chocolate.

    5. Date Bites

      2 oz.

    6. Orange Cream Soda

      Valley hunny simple syrup with Topo Chico, cream and/or fresh mint.

    7. Valley Hunny Simple Syrup

      4 oz. Distilled water and raw cane sugar cooked with whole fruit, naturally flavored.