Houston Chicken Nugget Company

$3 delivery fee
227 Cavalcade Street
  1. Starting Line Up

    1. HCN Loaded Fries

      Crispy fries topped with queso, bacon bits, scallions and a bacon ranch drizzle.

    2. HCN Chili and Chips

      Hearty Beef Chili topped with shredded cheese and served with tortilla chips.

    3. HCN Hummus and Pita bread

      Hummus served with warm pita bread and veggies.

    4. HCN Chips and Queso

      Queso served with tortilla chips.

    5. HCN Chicken Quesadilla

      Chicken Quesadilla filled with mixed cheese, diced grilled chicken and black bean and corn salsa. Served with sour cream and salsa on the side.

  2. Nuggets Meals for the Kid in All of Us

    1. HCN Nuggets and Fries

  3. Boneless Wing Meals

    1. HCN Five Buffalo Boneless Wings with Fries

    2. HCN Ten Buffalo Boneless Wings with Fries

    3. HCN Fifteen Buffalo Boneless Wings with Fries

  4. Salads for Your Healthy Friend

    1. HCN Caesar Salad

    2. HCN Buffalo Chicken Salad

      Spring mix, diced tomato, cucumber, two buffalo chicken tenders, bleu cheese dressing.

  5. HCN Drinks

    1. Coke

    2. Diet Coke

    3. Sprite

  6. HCN Sweets

    1. HCN Fudge Brownie

      Delicious fudgy brownie, perfect splurge for chocolate lovers!

    2. HCN Cookies

      2 fresh chocolate chip cookies.

    3. HCN Gooey Butter Cake

      Gooey buttery yellow cake.