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Lazy Beach Brewing and Cafe

Corpus Christi
  1. Food (Café)

    1. Fancy Italian

      Italian roll with pepperoni, dry salami, smoked ham and provolone cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, red wine vinegar, olive oil and house...

    2. Mahi Tacos

      Seared mahi-mahi with mango pico and sriracha slaw topped with a guaco, cilantro sauce.

    3. Albuquerque Turkey

      Sourdough bread topped with melted Cheddar, heaping turkey, hatch chilies, avocado, spinach and tomatoes.

    4. Mo' Cubano

      Ciabatta bread with pulled pork, smoked ham and Swiss cheese. Finished with pickles and mustard.

    5. Grilled Cheese

      Sourdough bread with provolone, Swiss and Cheddar cheeses.

    6. Black Bean Burger

      Vegan. Black bean patty covered with avocado and smothered in pico de gallo, then sandwiched in a soft ciabatta roll.

    7. Chicken Avocado Wrap

      Delicious breaded chicken and avocado snuggled into a flavorful wrap with ranch, shredded lettuce and tomatoes.

    8. Chicken Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese

      Golden toasted sourdough bread with chicken frilled, our house made ranch, four slices of crispy bacon, melted provolone, and cheddar cheese in the middle in the mid...

  2. Brunch

    1. Eggs Golden

      Toasted English muffin, smoked ham, sous vide poached egg, wilted spinach, all covered with Hollandaise sauce.

    2. Northwest Slacker

      Toasted ciabatta layered with a house-made cream cheese chive spread and smoked wild Alaskan salmon.

    3. Corpus Christo

      A brunch sandwich made with coastal French toast sourdough bread dipped in cinnamon batter, layered with ham and melted Swiss cheese. Topped with powdered sugar and ...

    4. Avocado Toast

      Toasted sourdough bread stacked with avocado spread, diced pepperoni and salami, a poached egg, diced pimentos and house spices.

    5. Coastal French Toast

      Sourdough bread dipped in cinnamon batter, toasted and covered in honey cream sauce, finished with Lazy Beach Kombucha (non-alcoholic) honey berries.

    6. Brunch Sampler

      This option has some of everything. Can be shared by two people.

  3. Beer

    1. Texas Bock Beer

      4.3% ABV 15 IBU.

      $4.00 • 21+
    2. Amber Waves Beer

      4.6% ABV.

      $4.00 • 21+
    3. Corpus Christi Blonde Beer

      5.2% ABV 15 IBU.

      $4.00 • 21+
    4. Beach in Wheat Beer

      4.3% ABV Hefeweizen - Rich wheat beer. Bavarian Hefeweizen lends fresh banana nodes.

      $4.00 • 21+
    5. Choppy Waters DIPA Beer

      Double IPA brewed with Centennial & Ekuanot hops. 8.4% ABV.

      $5.00 • 21+
    6. Keep it Light Beer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of current "Lighter" flavor beers.

      $20.00 • 21+
    7. Keep it Malty Beer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of current maltier beer flavors.

      $20.00 • 21+
    8. Bitter is Best Beer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of current hop forward beer flavors.

      $20.00 • 21+
    9. All the Flavor Beer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of current high ABV beer flavors.

      $23.00 • 21+
    10. Mile Marker Beer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of CC Blonde, TX Bock, Amber, Choppy Waters Double IPA, and two of the newest releases.

      $20.00 • 21+
  4. Hard Seltzer

    1. Mango Hard Seltzer

      $4.00 • 21+
    2. Lime Hard Seltzer

      $4.00 • 21+
    3. Strawberry Hard Seltzer

      $4.00 • 21+
    4. Grapefruit Hard Seltzer

      $4.00 • 21+
    5. Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

      A mix six pack of all current flavors of hard seltzer in 16oz cans.

      $20.00 • 21+