LeverCraft Coffee

3307 Oak Springs Drive
$6 delivery fee
  1. Coffee

    1. Cold Brew Concentrate, Mexico, 64 Oz.
      Delivered in a 64oz jug to give you amazing cold brew at an amazing value! This is a concentrate, so it is brewed VERY strong. For best results, mix concentrate and cold filtered water 1:1. Tasting notes: Chocolate, Almond Roast : Medium.
    2. Single Origin Whole Beans, Mexico, 8 Oz
      Fair Trade and Organic, this is one of favorite Mexico coffees to date! It has a great, full bodied chocolate flavor with hints of maraschino cherry and almond. Versatile and delicious as filter and espresso alike. Tasting notes: Chocolate, Cherry, Almond. Roast: Medium
    3. Single Origin Whole Beans, Dealers Choice
      Not sure what to get? Looking for adventure? Let your favorite baristas select your next fresh jar of coffee! Feel free to write any notes in about how you brew or what you like, too!
    4. Cold Brew, Mexico, 16 Oz Bottle
      This cold brew stands out because we start off with high quality coffee from Mexico that isn’t what you would normally get in a cold brew. Coffee is roasted so that there is no bitter taste in your cold brew, just smooth, chocolatey, and nutty tasting notes.
    5. Latte in a Jar, 16 Oz
      Just like it sounds. A 16oz latte in a jar, ready to drink. Served with your choice of milk and can be sweetened to your taste! Tap to modify.