Ros Niyom Thai

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2000 South, I-35 Ste C-1
  1. Soup Menu

    1. 17. Tom Kha

      Coconut milk based soup with lemongrass, galangal, oyster mushroom and kaffir lime leaves.

    2. 18. Tom Yum

      Traditional spicy and sour soup with lemongrass, galangal, oyster mushrooms, evaporated milk and kaffir lime leaves.

    3. 19. Tom Sabb Kra Dook Moo

      Hot and sour soup of braised pork ribs, broth Thai herbs, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, chili and lime juice.

  2. Starter Menu

    1. 1. Tofu Tod

      Simple but delicious fried tofu, served with sweet chili sauce.

    2. 2. Por Pier Tod

      Delicious traditional vegetable fried rolls, served with sweet chili sauce.

    3. 3. Salad Roll

      Fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with imitation crab, green leaf lettuce, carrot and purple cabbage served with homemade dressing salad.

    4. 4. Tod Mun Goong

      Deep fried shrimp cake serve with sweet plum sauce.

    5. 5. Satay

      Grilled marinated chicken skewers, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

    6. 6. Curry Puff

      Thai traditional puff appetizer with chicken, potatoes and curry powder, served with peanut sauce.

    7. 7. Sai Krok Woon Sen

      Grilled marinated pork and silver noodle sausage, served with lime, cabbage, fresh chili and fresh ginger on the side.

    8. 8. Koh Moo Yang

      Smoky and tasty! Grilled slices of pork shoulder, served with rice chili powder sauce.

    9. 9. Nuer Tod

      Deep fried marinated beef, served with special jaew sauce.

    10. 10. Peek Gai Tod

      Crispy chicken wings topped with homemade sauce and crispy basil.

    11. 11. Hoi Jor

      Fried stuffed fresh crab meat with ground pork, water chestnut, garlic pepper served with sweet plum sauce.

    12. 12. Moo Ping

      Marinated pork thai style in skewers, served with chili & rice powder sauce.

  3. Salads Menu

    1. 13. Som Tum

      Shredded green papaya with chili, tomatoes, lime, peanut and long beans based salad dressing.

    2. 14. Larb

      Minced pork or chicken with red onion, mint leaves, chili powder, toasted rice powder and lime based salad dressing.

    3. 15. Yum Ma Moung

      Steamed prawns, shredded mango, red onions, cilantro and cashew nuts in spicy lemongrass dressing.

    4. 16. Yum Koh Moo Yang

      Grilled pork shoulder with chili powder, roasted rice, cilantro and chili lime dressing.

  4. Curries Menu

    1. 20. Kang Karee

      Yellow curry with potatoes, yellow onion and carrots.

    2. 21. Kang Daeng

      Red curry with Thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, red bell peppers, kaffir lime leaves and basil.

    3. 22. Kang Keaw Wan

      Green curry with Thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, red bell peppers, kaffir lime leaves and basil.

    4. 23. Mus Sa Mun

      Contains Nuts. Beef stew or chicken drumstick with potatoes, onion and peanuts.

    5. 24. Kang Phed Yang

      Red curry with roasted duck, red bell peppers, tomatoes, chunk pineapples and basil.

    6. 25. Pumpkin Curry

      Kabocha squash in red curry sauce, red bell pepper and basil.

  5. Pan Fried

    1. 26. Pad Thai

      Stir-fried thin rice noodles with radish, eggs, red onion, chives, tofu, bean sprouts, lime and ground peanuts on the side.

    2. 27. Pad See-ew

      Stir-fried flat rice noodles, eggs and Chinese broccoli with black soy sauce.

    3. 28. Pad Kee Mow

      Spicy pan fried flat rice noodle with basil, bell peppers, bean sprouts and tomatoes.

    4. 29. Pad Woon Sen

      Silver noodles stir-fried with eggs, yellow onions, carrots, napa cabbage and tomatoes.

    5. 30. Rad Nah

      Stir-fried flat rice noodles topped with marinated pork, Chinese broccoli with gravy sauce.

  6. Fried Rice

    1. 31. Kao Pad

      Fried rice with egg, onions, tomatoes, Chinese broccoli and cucumber.

    2. 32. Kao Pad Kra Prow

      Fried rice with chopped green bean, red bell peppers and basil.

  7. Noodle Soup Menu

    1. 33. Kuay Tiew Gai

      Sliced chicken breast, bean sprout, green onion and cilantro in vegetable broth.

    2. 34. Kuay Tiew Num Tok

      Sliced beef or pork, meat ball and water spinach in spicy Thai herb soup.

    3. 35. Kuay Tiew Pak

      Soft tofu and assorted of vegetable, green onion, cilantro in vegetable broth.

  8. Entreé Menu

    1. 36. Pad Kra Prow

      Sautéed basil, chopped green beans, and red bell pepper.

    2. 37. Pad Prik Khing

      Sautéed chili paste, green beans, basil and red bell pepper.

    3. 38. Pad Khing Sod

      Sautéed ginger, yellow onion, green onion, and black fungus mushroom.

    4. 39. Pad Preaw Whan

      Sautéed pineapple, yellow onion, tomatoes, and cucumber with sweet & sour sauce.

    5. 40. Pad Ma Keur

      Sautéed eggplant, red bell and basil leaves with garlic sauce.

    6. 41. Pad Phed

      Sautéed special house chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, young pepper corn, red bell pepper and finger root.

    7. 42. Pra Ram

      Sautéed spinach, served with peanut sauce.

    8. 43. Gratiem Prik Thai

      Sautéed garlic and black pepper.

    9. 44. Pad Himmaparn

      Stir-fried yellow onion, red bell pepper and roasted cashew nuts and green onion.

    10. 45. Pad Kra Prow Moo Krob

      Stir-fried pork belly with red bell pepper, chopped green bean and basil leaves.

    11. 46. Pad Moo Krob Prik Pao

      Stir-fried pork belly with spicy shrimp paste, red bell pepper and basil leaves.

    12. 47. 47. Pad Ka Na Moo Krob

      Stir-fried pork belly with Chinese broccoli.

  9. Vegetarian Menu

    1. 48. Tom Yum Pak Soup

      Flaming pot soup with garden vegetables, tofu, evaporated milk, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and oyster mushroom.

    2. 49. Tom Kha Pak Tofu Soup

      Flaming pot soup, garden vegetables, tofu, coconut milk, oyster mushroom, galangal and kaffir lime leaves.

    3. 50. Pad Pak Raummit

      Stir-fried mixed vegetables and tofu in bean sauce.

    4. 51. Khing Sod Tofu

      Tofu stir-fried, ginger, green onion, yellow onion, black fungus mushrooms with bean sauce.

    5. 52. Pad Makuer Tofu

      Stir-fried eggplant, tofu, red bell peppers, with garlic chili sauce and basil.

    6. 53. Pad Kra Prow Tofu

      Sautéed tofu, chopped green beans, red bell pepper and basil.

    7. 54. Pra Ram Pak

      Mixed vegetables and tofu topped with peanut sauce.

    8. 55. Pad Thai Pak

      Stir-fried thin rice noodles with tofu, mixed vegetables, egg, bean sprouts, lime and crushed peanuts on the side.

    9. 56. Pad See Ew Pak

      Stir-fried flat rice noodle, tofu, mixed vegetable and egg with sweet black soy sauce.

    10. 57. Pad Kee Mow Pak

      Stir-fried flat noodle with tofu and mixed vegetables with chili garlic sauce.

    11. 58. Kao Pad Pak

      Fried rice with egg, tomatoes, tofu, and mixed vegetables.

    12. 59. Pad Pak Boong

      Sautéed water spinach with soy bean sauce.

    13. 60. Kang Karee Pak

      Yellow curry with potato, yellow onion, vegetables and tofu.

    14. 61. Kang Dang Pak

      Red curry with vegetables, tofu, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoot , red bell peppers, kaffir lime leaves.

    15. 62. Kang Keaw Wan

      Green curry with vegetables, tofu, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, red bell peppers, kaffir lime leaves.

    16. 63. Kang Keaw Wan Pak

      Green curry with. mixed vegetables, soft tofu, thai eggplant, bamboo shoot, red bell peppers and kaffir lime leaves.

    17. 64. Mus Sa Mun Pak

      Contains Peanuts. Mus sa mun curry paste with soft tofu, yellow onion, potatoes and mixed vegetable.

    18. 65. Pumpkin Pak

      Kabocha squash in red curry with mixed vegetable, soft tofu, red bell pepper and basil.

  10. Chef Suggestions

    1. 66. Pla Nuang Manow

      Steamed whole fish with chopped chili, garlic and lime juice.

    2. 67. Pad Cha Talay

      Stir fried combination seafood with homemade herb sauce, red bell pepper, green peppercorn, Thai eggplant and basil.

    3. 68. Pla Duk Pad Phed

      Thai style stir-fried catfish fillet with house made chili paste, kaffir lime leaves, finger root and young pepper corn.

    4. 69. Koong Ob Woon

      Streamed marinated prawn with silver noodle, garlic, ginger, pork belly and cilantro.

    5. 70. Pla Tod Num Pla

      Deep fried marinated whole trout in fish sauce. Served with shredded mango in spicy lime sauce.

  11. Side Menu

    1. Side of Steamed Jasmine Rice

    2. Side of Steamed Brown Rice

    3. Side of Sticky Rice

    4. Side of Steamed Rice Noodle

    5. Side of Steamed Broccoli

    6. Side of Peanut Sauce

    7. Side of Cucumber Salad

    8. Side of Steamed Mixed Vegetable

  12. Drink Menu

    1. Thai Iced Tea

    2. Thai Iced Coffee

    3. Regular Iced Tea

    4. Soda

    5. Whole Young Coconut

    6. Iced Chrysanthemum Tea

    7. Topo Chico

    8. Hot Tea