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905 East Whitestone Boulevard
  1. Specialty Items

    1. St. Louis Style Pork Ribs

      Painted with strawberry habanero glaze or left naked.

    2. Bougie Bowl

      A twist on the classic BBQ hash. White rice, grilled veggies topped with choice of BBQ meat & sauces. Please contact your Runner or merchant directly for available o...

    3. BBQ Nachos

      Tortilla chips piled high with choice of meat, brisket or rib meat, add. Topped with queso, onion, pickles, jalapeños & backyard red sauce.

    4. BBQ Salad

      Choice of BBQ meat brisket or rib meat, add. Served over romaine lettuce, slaw, tomatoes, pickles & onions. Choice of dressing Italian, creamy jalapeño ranch, ranch,...

    5. Slab Slider Trio

      Notorious P.I.G., Texas og and chicken n. W. A. In slider form.

    6. Vegetable Wrap

      14" flour tortilla, rice, grilled vegetables, lettuce, slaw, and your choice of slab BBQ dressing or sauce: Italian, gold rush, or dank white.

  2. BBQ Sammiches

    1. Notorious P. I. G

      Slab's original BBQ classic. Pulled pork topped with mustard slaw and backyard red sauce.

    2. Texas OG

      The classic Texas BBQ sammich. Black angus brisket topped with pickles, onions, and backyard red sauce. Choice of sliced or chopped brisket.

    3. Texas Two Step

      Choose a meat brisket add, chicken, or pulled pork. Topped with sausage, pickles, onions, and choice of BBQ sauce.

    4. BCBC

      Angus prime brisket, smoked chicken breast, topped with pickles, onions, mustard slaw, dank white, and backyard red sauce.

    5. Chicken WA

      Slow-smoked natural chicken breast topped with mustard slaw, onions, dank white, backyard red, and spicy hot sauces.

    6. Tony Montana

      Slab's take on the Cuban sammich. Pulled pork topped with sausage, pickles, queso, and gold rush sauce.

    7. The McDowell

      A true rib sammich with ribs de-boned, pickles, onions, and soul glo sauce.

    8. Texas Tornado

      14" flour tortilla filled with brisket, chicken, twice-cooked potatoes, BBQ baked beans, onions, jalapeños, and backyard red sauce.

  3. Texas Sized Sammich

    1. The Donk

      1 lb. Sammich stacked with every slab smoked meat available and topped with pickles, onions, jalapeños, slaw, queso, Fritos, and all four of slab BBQ sauces.

    2. Texas Trill

      Aka The Texas trinity brisket, sausage, rib meat, served with onions, pickles, jalapeños & backyard red sauce.

    3. El Jefe

      Black angus brisket topped with grilled onions, peppers, jalapeños, queso, and BBQ sauce.

  4. House Made Sides

    1. Side of Smoked Gouda Mac

    2. Side of Twice-Cooked Potato Casserole

    3. Side of BBQ Baked Beans

    4. Side of Potato Salad

    5. Side of Mustard Based Coleslaw

    6. Side of Green Bean Casserole

    7. Side of Dirty Brand Chips

  5. House Made Desserts

    1. Nana Puddin'

      A southern classic with a little swag. Homemade banana pudding recipe is topped with a hip hop sugar cookie from a local bakery.