So Veganly

$6 delivery fee
26515 Preston Avenue
  1. Breakfast

    1. Breakfast Taco

      A choice of either chickpea "eggs" and shredded red potatoes, shredded red potatoes & "sausage" crumbles, or potato, egg & sausage, wrapped in a spelt flour tortilla...

    2. Fresh Fruit Parfait

      Gluten Free. Vanilla coconut yogurt layered with apples, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and seasonal fruit when available. Topped with RAWnola crumbles of hemp seed...

    3. Omelette

      Shredded potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms sautéed with vegan cheese wrapped in a garbanzo flour omelette. Accompanied by a side of fruit.

  2. Classic Menu

    1. Coney Style Hot Dog

      Homemade chili (contains walnuts) in between 2 warm hot dog buns and topped with a choice of mustard, onions, and "cheese".

    2. Patty Melt

      Homemade burger patty layered with melted cheese, grilled onions, and house-made burger sauce. Contains walnuts.

    3. Raw Tacos

      Julienne organic cucumbers, bell peppers, red onion, Roma tomatoes, cabbage, and zucchini wrapped in (2) raw leafy green lettuce with a choice of dill sauce or Itali...

    4. The Classic Burger

      A homemade smoky patty (made of chickpeas, quinoa, and walnuts) with lettuce, Roma tomato, pickles, onions, and burger sauce on a gluten-free or wheat bun.

    5. Veggie Sandwich

      Cucumbers, red onion, Roma tomato, leafy green lettuce, bell peppers and dill sauce layered on sandwich buns.

  3. Sides

    1. Side Garden Salad

      Leafy green lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, quinoa croutons and house Italian dressing.

  4. Alkaline Juices & Smoothies

    1. Alkaline Berry Kool-Aid

      Berries, lime, spring water, agave to sweeten.

    2. Alkaline Cacao Walnut Smoothie

      This is an organic alkaline version of the "Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie". Hemp milk, walnut butter, cacao powder, banana, dates, cinnamon, and avocado!

    3. Alkaline Infused Water

      Spring water infused with herbs & alkalizing fruits!

    4. Berry Good

      Apple juice and a whole lotta berries.

    5. Green Calcite (Smoothie)

      Cucumber, chard, kale, apple, banana.

    6. Hibiscus Lavender Tea

      Hibiscus flowers & lavender steeped with a squeeze of lime juice and a bit of raw agave.

    7. Spring

      Orange, apple, banana, strawberry, basil.