Stars Cafe

$3 delivery fee
3101 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road
  1. Appetizers

    1. Chips & Salsa

      Vegan. Vegetarian.

    2. Chips & Queso

    3. Chips & Guacamole

    4. Chips & Rockstar Queso

      Queso mixed with ground beef and topped with sour cream.

    5. Stars Frito Pie

      Corn chips layered with chili, cheese, tomato, onions, queso, and sour cream.

    6. Loaded Stars Fries

      Fries loaded with ground beef, chili, bacon, pico, and queso.

    7. Macho Nachos

      Vegetarian. Tortilla chips with black beans, topped with jalapeños, sour cream & Jack Cheddar cheese.

    8. Hummus Plate

      Vegan. Fresh hummus sprinkled with paprika & olive oil. Served with pita bread, tomato, onion, and kalamata olives.

    9. Galaxy Wings

      6 chicken wings marinated, fried, and covered in a choice of buffalo, BBQ, lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan, or honey hot sauce.

  2. Salads

    1. House Salad

      Vegetarian. Spring mix, tomato, red onion, & mixed cheese.

    2. Spinach Salad

      Baby spinach, hard-boiled egg, Parmesan & toasted pine nuts with a honey-balsamic vinaigrette.

    3. Cobb Salad

      Mixed greens, tomatoes, bacon, hard-boiled egg & avocado topped with bleu cheese crumbles.

    4. Caesar Salad

      Vegan. Vegetarian. Romaine lettuce, cumin-scented croutons & Parmesan with chipotle Caesar.

  3. Entrées

    1. The Cosmos

      Turkey, avocado mash, bacon, and Swiss cheese with truffle aioli, house-made basil pesto, and tomato.

    2. The Ladybird

      Grilled lemon-rosemary chicken, Swiss cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, and house-made basil pesto.

    3. Galaxy Chicken Sandwich

      Breaded chicken breast served open-faced on a bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & pickles on the side.

    4. Club Sandwich

      Served on toasted bread with double decks of ham & turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, American, & Swiss cheese.

    5. BELT

      Bacon, egg, lettuce, & tomatoes on a choice of toasted bread. Please contact your Runner or merchant directly for available options.

    6. Croque Madame

      Grilled ham & Swiss and eggs with pepper gravy and Parmesan cheese.

    7. Philly Cheesesteak

      Grilled steak served on a hoagie bun with truffle aioli, peppers, onions, American, & Swiss cheese.

    8. Veggie Meatball Sub

      Vegetarian. Vegetarian meatballs in house-made marinara and topped with Swiss cheese.

    9. Chicken Fried Steak

      Smothered in white country gravy with French fries and seasonal vegetables on the side.

    10. Steak and Fries

      Flat iron steak served with French fries and a small house salad.

    11. Chicken Tender Dinner

      Four chicken tenders served with fries and gravy.

    12. Tacos

      Vegan. Vegetarian. Two veggie or chicken tacos on flour tortillas, with tomato, served with black beans, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

    13. Star Seeds Quesadilla

      Vegetarian. A gigantic tortilla packed with a 3-cheese blend and served with a side of black beans.

    14. Star Seeds Quesadilla Burger

      All-American burger patty topped with bacon, cheese, & truffle aioli on a flour tortilla with a side of secret stars dipping sauce.

    15. Star Burger

      Tall burger with American cheese, a fried egg, onion rings, lettuce, and tomato.

    16. Magic Mushroom Burger

      Burger topped with bacon, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, truffle aioli, and grilled tomato.

    17. Star Seeds Burger

      A burger patty topped with bacon, fried egg, grilled onions, and topped with queso!

    18. Eeyore's Garden Burger

      Vegan. Vegetarian. Plant-based beyond burger or black bean burger with sauce, red onion, and tomato.

  4. Breakfast Favorites

    1. French Toast

      Vegetarian. Four pieces of French toast, powdered sugar dust, and a maple syrup drizzle with a cup of fruit.

    2. Huevos Rancheros

      Vegetarian. Skillet potato hash, peppers and onions, two eggs any style, avocado & ranchero sauce, black beans, and two tortillas.

    3. Avocado Toast

      Vegetarian. 2 slices of Texas toast with avocado mash, sunny-side-up eggs, and tomatoes with a cup of fruit.

  5. Breakfast Tacos & Quesadillas

    1. Veggie Taco

      Vegetarian. A flour tortilla with mushroom, spinach, black beans, mixed cheese, and eggs.

    2. Ultimate Breakfast Taco

      Eggs, hash browns, cheese, sausage, and bacon topped with queso.

    3. Jumbo Breakfast Taco

      (Pick any 3 items) hash browns, home fries. Eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, black beans, onions, jalapeños, or bell peppers with a side o...

    4. Breakfast Taco Combo

      Vegetarian. Pick two tacos and round it off with a hot coffee, juice, soda, or milk. Hashbrowns on the side.

    5. Ultimate Quesadilla

      A taco tortilla filled with ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, and cheese with a side of chipotle sauce.

  6. Omelettes

    1. Build Your Own Omelette

      Choose up to 3 items: ham, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, black beans, onions, Swiss cheese, and Jack Cheddar cheese. Each additional item is $1.50.

    2. 4/20 Omelette

      Ham, mushrooms, spinach, and onions covered in queso.

    3. Tex-Mex Omelette

      Vegetarian. Poblano peppers, onions, bell peppers, and Jack Cheddar cheese, topped with pico de gallo.

    4. Vegetarian Omelette

      Vegetarian. Jack Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions, & topped with guacamole.

  7. Star Seeds Classics

    1. Eye Opener

      Two biscuits covered in black pepper gravy, with sausage and scrambled eggs stacked high in a tower.

    2. A-Baum

      Sausage patties and scrambled eggs on two English muffins, covered in queso.

    3. Migas

      Classic egg scramble with peppers, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, Jack Cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips. Served with black beans, hash browns, and two tortillas.

    4. Sunbow

      Two eggs scrambled with Jack Cheddar cheese, bacon or breakfast sausage, hash browns, and a side of toast or biscuits.

    5. Star Cakes

      Vegetarian. Two huge pancakes of choice (buttermilk, chocolate chip, banana, or pecan) served with fresh fruit.

    6. Steak & Eggs

      Flat iron steak grilled to perfection and served with two over-easy eggs, hash browns, and a side of toast.

    7. Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs

      Hand-breaded steak topped with white country gravy. Served with two eggs of any style, hash browns, and toast.

    8. Sunrise

      Two eggs were prepared any style, bacon, two huge buttermilk pancakes, and a cup of fruit.

  8. Side Items

    1. Side of Two Eggs

    2. Side of Toast

    3. Side of Cup of Fruit

    4. Side of Biscuits

    5. Side of Kernel Corn

    6. Side of Tortillas (3)

    7. Side of Black Beans

    8. Side of Grits

    9. Side of Mashed Potatoes

    10. Side of Queso

    11. Side of French Fries

    12. Side of Hash Browns

    13. Side of Sweet Potato Fries

    14. Side of Chili

    15. Side of Onion Rings