Tenko Ramen

$3 delivery fee
312 Pearl Parkway Bldg 6
  1. Snacks

    1. Kimchi

      Gluten Free. House-made cabbage kimchi with pickles.

    2. Edamame

      Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Miso popcorn butter or tajín togarashi.

    3. Karaage

      Plain fried chicken nuggets, served with house dragon sauce.

    4. Sunomono

      Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Cucumber salad, dill pickled wakame, torched miso dressing, sesame seeds.

    5. Chicken Katsu Sandwich

      Dill pickle, roasted kimchi mayo, butter lettuce. Contains shellfish or nuts. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

    6. Okonomiyaki Fries

      Loaded with kimchi, toasted garlic, green onion, togarashi, kimchi mayo, Bulldog sauce, bonito.

  2. Ramen

    1. Tokyo Shoyu Ramen

      Contains shellfish or nuts. Pork chashu, scallion, bamboo shoots, nori, marinated egg, roasted snapper tare.

    2. Miso Corn Ramen

      Vegetarian. Baby bok choy, shiitake pickle, scallion, black garlic oil, miso buttered corn, marinated egg (vegan upon request).

    3. Spicy Miso Tantanmen Ramen

      Pork chili, scallion, ginger, sesame seeds, Sichuan pepper.

    4. Street Corn Mazeman Ramen

      Contains shellfish. Miso buttered corn, kimchi mayo, Parmesan, garlic, scallion, togarashi. (vegetarian or vegan upon request).

    5. Kids Ramen

      Broth and noodles.

  3. Drinks

    1. Topo Chico

    2. Oi Ocha

      Unsweetened green ea.

    3. Calpico

    4. Coke

    5. Diet Coke

    6. Sprite

    7. Dr. Pepper

    8. Coconut Water

    9. Bottled Water