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Twisted Root Burger Co.

DFW Metro, Austin Metro, Waco, Lubbock, Tyler, San Angelo
  1. Cheese Fries

    1. Original Twisted Cheese Fries

      Fries with melted Cheddar cheese.

    2. Treat-Yo-Self Twisted Cheese Fries

      Cheese fries topped with bacon pieces & jalapeños served with a side of peppercorn ranch.

    3. International Twisted Cheese Fries

      Twist on cheese fries from all over the world. Ask us what's on deck currently - flavors change monthly! Portioned to share.

  2. Salads

    1. Cobb Salad with Fried Egg

      Chopped romaine with blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, bacon, & fried egg with honey-bacon-dijon vinaigrette.

    2. Chopped Mexican Salad

      Chopped romaine with corn, black beans, jalapeños, red bell peppers, half an avocado, cherry tomatoes & Cotija cheese with chipotle ranch dressing.

    3. Super Food Salad

      Kale & cabbage mix with herbed goat cheese, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds with balsamic vinaigrette.

  3. Burgers

    1. Big Tex Burger

      Cheddar, guacamole, fried onion strings, chipotle sauce.

    2. All American Burger

      Double American cheese, bacon.

    3. Gosh Jam It! Burger

      Texas goat cheese, tomato-bacon-onion jam, chipotle sauce.

    4. Lots-a-Shroom Burger

      Garlic baby portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese.

    5. The Classic Burger

      Cheddar cheese, Texas beef, lettuce, tomato, onion.

    6. The Western Burger

      Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, fried onion strings, pickled jalapeños.

    7. Tootsies Hot Chicken Burger

      Fried chicken breast, Nashville hot sauce, topped with garlic-lemon slaw.

    8. The Monroe Burger

      4 oz of shredded Cheddar grilled with the patty to create a caramelized cheese "skirt" around the burger topped with garlic aioli.

    9. Freshman 15 Burger

      Smashed fries, melted Cheddar cheese, fried egg, bacon.

    10. The Millionaire Burger

      Open-faced knife & fork burger with Wagyu beef, aged Cheddar, truffle aioli, garlic mushrooms, bacon, dark beer sauce, tobacco onions.

    11. Vegabond Burger

      Plant-based vegan patty with black beans, brown rice, chickpeas & quinoa, topped with pickled red onions, sriracha & avocado on wheat.

    12. Ain't No Chicken Club Burger

      Grilled chicken breast with brie cheese, bacon strips, lemon aioli, lettuce, tomato & onion, wheat bun.

    13. Build Your Own Burger

      Please contact your Runner or merchant directly for available topping options.

  4. Sides

    1. Side of Hand-Punched Fries

      Russet potatoes with a two-day double fry & rest process.

    2. Side of Onion Strings

      Spiral-cut Vidalia onions with one-day buttermilk soak & fried to order.

    3. Side of Potato "Crack”lins

      Cross between a French fry & a potato skin.

    4. Side of Quincy's Fried Pickles

  5. Kiddos

    1. Kid's Grilled Cheese

    2. Kid's Burger

  6. Floats & Shakes

    1. Root Beer Float

      Chilled mug dipped in chocolate & filled with vanilla custard, flavored root beer of the month & a toasted marshmallow on top.

    2. Vanilla Twisted "Thick" Shake

    3. Oreo Twisted "Thick" Shake

    4. Chocolate Twisted "Thick" Shake

    5. S'mores Twisted "Thick" Shake

  7. Drinks

    1. Real Cane Sugar Soda

    2. Unsweet Tea

    3. Watermelon Tea

    4. Chuck Norris C-Force Water